Frequently Asked Questions

Does Scientrix generate reports?

Almost everything you see on the screen can be printed as a PDF by clicking a button on each page.

  • Initiatives and Metrics can be exported to .xls or .csv.
  • Exception reports can be created through filtering options and exported to .xls, .csv and .pdf formats.
  • KPI Graphics can be exported to .pdf or .jpeg formats.
Does Scientrix integrate with other systems?

Yes. Scientrix allows you to easily import and export metrics, initiatives, risks and other objects in .xls or .csv format. Scientrix also includes a RESTful web-services API which can be used to pull and push data to and from Scientrix. Single-Sign-On can be configured in Scientrix using the SAML-2 standard.

What kind of data security does Scientrix offer?

Scientrix is built on a single-tenant architecture to prevent even accidental data sharing between clients. As a standard, each system instance is SSL/TLS protected. If required, we can provide a fully encrypted system instance including Single-Sign-On using the SAML-2 standard. Scientrix undergoes regular penetration testing and complies with data security requirements from clients such as Volkswagen, Bayer and Barclays.

Where is my data hosted physically and is there an on-premise option?

As a standard, Scientrix provides hosting by Hetzner either in South Africa or in Germany ( or Hetzner is the leading independent hosting provider in South Africa and Germany.

If needed, you can also host Scientrix on the Amazon, Azure or Google cloud services. On-premise hosting is possible if it’s economically feasible, but it requires secure temporary remote access for Scientrix to ensure adequate support. Technical requirements for on-premise hosting are available upon request.

How does the Scientrix pricing work?

Scientrix offers a subscription-based pricing model, based on named users. We offer four basic packages:

  • up to 30 users
  • up to 100 users
  • up to 500 users
  • unlimited enterprise subscription

When you sign up as a client, you enter into a Software Subscription and Support agreement (including a Service Level Agreement) with Scientrix, for a minimum of 12 months. You’ll pay an annual flat fee that includes technical support, all bug-fixes and upgrades, and any new releases. We prefer to provide technical support remotely using any of the common web-conferencing services including Skype, Goto Meeting, Teamviewer, Google meet, etc.

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