Live Training

Adaptive Strategy & Execution Masterclass

2 Days – In Person / Online Training for Corporates

We offer a focused, yet in-depth masterclass that will introduce the concept of adaptive strategy and execution.

Learning Outcomes of this Masterclass

Build a landscape view of all the moving parts and create signal advantage by seeing emerging patterns and trends sooner.

Identify client outcomes, emerging and raw needs and know how to make the link across the landscape back to the client.

Make smarter choices of what should be part of the landscape and what not and where to focus efforts.

Manage the landscape as ONE Team leveraging OKRs, Portfolio management, Capability management and Shared resources

Training Modules

Join us for a fun, engaging, and hands-on masterclass journey.

Concentrating on two days of immersive workshops , we aim to deepen your understanding and enhance your strategic skills. The curriculum is structured into 4 modules.

Morning Session

Introduction into Adaptive Strategy & Execution

  • Discuss and understand the need for change in strategy design and management.
  • Discuss the outcomes of this transformative change.
  • Understand why a systemic approach is needed and not a process journey.
  • Understand the attributes of an adaptive approach.
  • Learn how to map a transformative roadmap for strategy.

Afternoon Session

Strategic vigilance and how to create signal advantage

  • Discuss and understand why the internal and external landscapes are converging.
  • Explore ways to map the business ecosystem.
  • Analyse and understand what is in that business ecosystem.
  • Understand and what is a data landscape and how to assess a landscape.
  • Understand how to see emerging patterns and trends from the landscape sooner.
  • Discuss how to create signal advantage.

Morning Session

Strategic choices and how to make smarter, client centric choices

  • Discuss the rise of strategic choices as a leading concept in strategy.
  • Understand how to use the choice theory in landscapes.
  • Learn how to build a client outcome matrix.
  • Understand how to use assessments and portfolio quadrants to make better decisions.
  • Learn how to close the loop between client outcomes and strategic choices.

Afternoon Session

Lead together and how to orchestrate execution across a landscape

  • Understand why 3 horizons in the definition of ambitions are so important today.
  • Learn how to leverage OKRs ( Objective and Key Results) to manage a landscape.
  • Understand the dynamics of interconnected portfolios.
  • Understand how to map and manage capabilities in a dynamic way.
  • Understand how to manage change across the landscape together.

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Who should attend

The masterclass in adaptive strategy and execution caters for professionals who are…

  • Senior Executives and Managers responsible for strategic planning and execution.
  • Strategy Directors responsible for the coordination of strategy design across the organization.
  • Strategy Consultants seeking advanced techniques and frameworks for client engagement and advice.
  • Business Owners looking to adapt and remain competitive in a changing market.
  • Change Management Leaders charged with guiding their organizations through transitions and transformations.
  • Innovation Leaders aiming to drive growth through new strategies and business models.
  • HR Professionals involved in accelerating the capabilities of the organization.
  • Product Managers and Development Leads steering their products’ strategic direction in alignment with market shifts.
  • Financial Officers and Analysts who play a role in shaping and supporting the strategic financial direction of their company.
  • IT Leaders and Technology Strategists who must align technology investments with business strategy.

Ready to join us for an engaging and hands-on masterclass journey.