Advanced Program Management with Scientrix

Written by Nadia Kaiser. Posted in Blog.

Clarify the strategic ambitions

Getting people to understand and buy-in to the strategic ambitions is a challenge in most organisations. Without this buy-in the likelihood of successful strategy execution is low.

The Scientrix digital solution provides the following crucial benefits for clarifying the strategic ambitions:

  • Enable colleagues to provide input in the design of the organisation’s common purpose.
  • Enable colleagues to align with the common purpose.
  • Clearly understand what contribution they make to propel the organisation forward.

These benefits for the first phase in enterprise program management enable the strategic ambitions to be clarified.

Align portfolios and programs

Portfolios and programs are often poorly aligned. The risk of poor alignment is that efforts are wasted on projects that have no real impact on the business.

The Scientrix digital solution provides the following crucial benefits for aligning portfolios and programs:

  • Align efforts to achieve the desired results.
  • Eliminate duplications across the organization.
  • Improve prioritisation of programs and projects.
  • Improve collaboration across the organization.

These crucial benefits that Scientrix technology enables allows for the successful alignment of portfolios and programs.

Unpack programs

From the time that a cross-functional project has started until first results have been achieved, a large amount of time has passed. The problems with the slow pace of execution is that: substantial coordination is needed, there are limited methodologies available to unpack and align projects, there are limited collaboration tools available, no clear accountabilities and responsibilities of projects and lastly there is not a sufficient overview of existing projects.

The Scientrix digital solution provides the following crucial benefits for unpacking programs:

  • Provide a framework for the rigorous unpacking of programs into projects and tasks.
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration and active engagement of employees.
  • Enable agile methods for managing and executing projects.
  • Create a transparent overview on the success of the program.
  • Provide the use of project dashboards to ensure a common approach in methodology.
  • Deal with different levels of complexity and scope.

Through Scientrix technology, organisations will be aligned and deliver the strategy together by collectively unpacking programs.

Generate value creating ideas

Creating ideas is one thing. Generating value creating ideas is an entirely different thing all together. Normally there is no shortage of ideas in an organization, however the art lies in filtering and prioritizing the right ideas.

The Scientrix digital solution provides the following crucial benefits for generating value creating ideas:

  • Provide thought models and tools to support idea creation.
  • Enable the effective filtering and prioritisation of ideas.
  • Provide visibility from idea creation to value creation.

The benefits provided by Scientrix allow for the generation of value creating ideas.

Manage projects successfully

Although project management is a well-established methodology, there is still a substantial lack of successful project execution. This is because of a lack of formality, skills, tools, and discipline discipline with the risk of creating disengagement since people do not understand the value which projects bring to the organization. All too often people are working in a silo culture and the consequent battle to understand the ‘why’ behind projects.

The Scientrix digital solution provides the following crucial benefits for managing projects successfully:

  • Avoid getting lost in planning by acting in an agile fashion.
  • Solve the ‘why’ issue of through clear cause effect relationships.
  • Provide the right project level oversight.
  • Align project objectives with overall goals.

These crucial benefits enable projects to be managed successfully and strategy execution to be accelerated.

Govern execution and performance

Governance execution is concerned with putting the right structures in place in order for organisations to efficiently and effectively execute their strategy. A successful governance model ensures a form of collective management, which enables an assessment into the organisation’s position in relation to achieving its overall goal.

The Scientrix digital solution provides the following crucial benefits for successfully governing the execution of performance:

  • Enable the effective strategy and evaluation of the strategic framework.
  • Provide oversight of the extended innovation funnel.
  • Streamline communication and process flows for governance.
  • Bottom up and top down governance.
  • Provide corporate wide KPI dashboards and intelligence.
  • The ability to actively communicate and track decisions and actions.
  • Tagging of initiatives and KPIs.

These benefits provide a platform for 3 layers (corporate, team and individual), 3 pace (systems of: record, differentiation and innovation) and 5 pillars (strategy, innovation, execution, results and people) governance model. Scientrix enables one of the most powerful governance frameworks available.

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