Align and make connections with a Matrix

Make management coordination easier

Align program or functional team roles with objectives and key results using a matrix. Connect aligned teams in flexible ways to ensure organisational alignment.

Use a matrix to get the alignment right in the team

Use a matrix to align teams to objectives. This improves the quality of team OKR’s and drives accountability.

Turn team contributions into performance cells

Each matrix is made up of performance cells which contain team purpose, goals, success metrics, data & analytics, initiatives, risks and other attributes.

Create clear line of sight from strategic goals to tasks.

Design the architecture and flexibly connect performance cells. Remodel fast when needed. Avoid duplications and ensure completion.

Connect matrix grids or share objects between grids

Run the business

Change the business

Transform the business

Our clients

Medium to large enterprises have trusted Scientrix to bring clarity to their worlds and to get things done more effectively and efficiently.

Additional Benefits

Manage tasks through stages

Monitor and mitigate risks and issues

Create consolidated dashboards with data and analytics

Secure and enterprise ready platform with single sign-on

Easy integration with existing systems

Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities

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