Why change?

Scientrix is a must-have – not a nice-to-have. Some reasons why Scientrix is essential for your organization

Scientrix makes business sense.

Limited budgets, scarce resources, a lack of readily available technology solutions and information security concerns make it difficult to choose the right enterprise software. Scientrix is different – here’s how.

Realize your program benefits faster.

Shorten the time from concept to benefit realization by up to 70%. For example, reducing the design and implementation time for a successful Post Merger Integration program with estimated synergies of €200m p.a. from 18 months to 9 months would provide a financial benefit of around €4.5m.

Avoid large scale reorganization.

Large restructuring efforts paralyze organizations and bring uncertainty, resulting in managers taking their eyes off the ball – the customer. With a more flexible and modular architecture, the need for large restructuring is decreased, which in turn reduces risk.

Increase management productivity.

Assuming a company has 100 managers at a cost to company of €120k per year, a reduction of only 3 hours per week for time spent in meetings and preparing or reviewing presentations could mean a saving of ~€1.2m for the year.

Eliminate duplications and overlaps.

Surveys show that there is around 15% – 20% duplication or overlap in the program and project portfolios of larger companies. Scientrix helps to reduce this overlap, resulting in a significant cost saving.

Consolidate the software landscape.

Scientrix can help reduce the amount of digital management tools a company uses, which then streamlines the system landscape and reduces annual software licenses and related costs.

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We’ve experienced the struggle first hand.

Our executive team has more than 40 years of combined experience in the corporate environment ranging from CEO’s to CFO’s of Forbes 500 companies around the world.

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