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Managing Post Merger Integration with Scientrix

Written by Manfred Muell. The Problem Scholars and Management Consultants such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting, Deloitte and others estimate the rate of failure of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) anywhere between 50% and 80%. Some of the primary reasons for this dismal result are identified as lack of planning of the integration, limited synergy potential (not detected

Connecting Cascading Choices with the Balanced Scorecard

Written by Rentia Muell. THE BALANCED SCORECARD The Balanced Scorecard was developed as an answer to broader concerns about the use of both financial and non-financial measures in performance measurement systems. (Kaplan & Norton, 1992:71). The Balanced Scorecard model incorporates four major perspectives: finance, the customer, internal business processes, and innovation (learning and growth) (Kaplan &

Football: A Great Collaborative Game – Dare to be different

Written by Rentia Muell. Achieve Reach, Richness, Speed and Execution in Strategy Management Strategy Engagement & Execution remains one of the biggest challenges in an organisation. Although everybody will agree how important it is to engage people, it is certainly not an easy task. Engagement generally occurs at the “annual get together”, providing a town hall

Responsive Organizations: The Knowledge Economy

Written by Anthony Sanson. Posted in Blog. Against a constantly ticking clock, speed and innovation are the hallmarks of a successful company. Since organizations are becoming operationally complex and digitally fluent, creating a compelling vision of the future is clearly not enough. Simply, the compressed time frame to deploy a well- structured strategy is becoming increasingly challenging.

The Beauty of the Matrix

Written by Rentia Muell. In 2003, Scientrix pioneered the use of a Matrix architecture for complex problem solving. Complex problems have more than one dimension, a dimension being a concept that can be broken down into variables. Matrix architecture enables us to integrate multiple dimensions within a problem statement, to subdivide the problem into parts and

Effective Leaders Need a Bird’s-Eye View

Written by Manfred Muell. The Problem Whether you’re a CEO, president, general manager or managing executive, your ability to consistently maintain a comprehensive view of the organization you’re leading is crucial. It’s this bird’s-eye view that will enable you to effectively direct, guide and facilitate what’s needed to successfully strengthen and grow the business. When leaders

From Strategic Planning to Strategic Agility

Written by Rentia Muell. Posted in Blog. The Problem I know, it’s old news: The speed of change is increasing and management (in theory and practice) is not adapting fast enough. There is this great clip from Gary Hamel ( that highlights the point quite well.From a strategy perspective we actually see a change in the focus

Make Strategy a Dynamic, Always-on Process

Written by Rentia Muell. Strategic Analysis In essence, strategic analysis enables a uniformed understanding of changes that are happening externally – outside the organisation and aligning to these changes internally – within the organisation. This enables a deeper understanding of the opportunities and threats these changes bring to the organisation. The overall purpose of strategic analysis