End-to-end strategy in one platform

Strategy Management

Our platform provides the end-to-end mapping and management of the strategic process and provides real-time feedback from detailed execution back to strategy and desired outcomes.

Design and manage the entire strategy journey in one go

Address all the necessary steps in the strategising process of the organisation. Strategy planning is not lineal; our platform is therefore entirely interconnected and easily integrated.

Build strategy foundations

A good strategy takes the external environment into account. We provide the space for strategic analysis, research, and scenario planning. As markets shift, so does your strategy, and everything stays connected and relevant.

Design strategy with a modular architecture

While other tools are generally limited to a specific methodology or structures, ours is completely adaptable and flexible to any solution—our one of a kind Matrixgrid is quick and straightforward to use.

Improve alignment and collaboration

Everyone will understand their expectations and how everything fits together. Permissible transparency, overview, alignment and accountability are essential to a great strategy.

Making strategy a living, growing and evolving organism

Make data-driven choices

Know where you came from, and you will know where you are going. Create advanced and customisable metrics and analytical graphs in a matter of minutes, and easily share and link them to strategies and actions.

Leverage advanced portfolio management

Scientrix provides full agile project portfolio management capabilities—managing portfolios, programs & projects, OKRs, tasks, dependencies, risks & issues, as well as teams and documents.

Govern strategy execution

Having the proper governance framework with scheduled reminders, change notifications, regular reviews and user activity dashboards will guarantee successful strategy deployment and employee engagement.

What makes Scientrix different?

Move as one at 10x the speed

We offer an innovative digital approach that enables leaders to manage strategy and execution in a volatile, complex and fast-paced world.

Strategic vigilance

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In an ever-changing business environment, leaders face the challenge of coordinating various multidimensional and interconnected landscapes. Our platform provides a unique method of mapping, understanding and managing the enterprise ecosystem at a granular level, organised in one view.

With the help of data-rich performance cells, leaders can visualise patterns and trends in each landscape, making it easier to define strategies and programs based on emerging insights.

Strategic sufficiency

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Have we put adequate plans or outcomes in place that can deliver on future aspirations? Few can answer these questions with certainty. With the help of Scientrix, now you can!

With advanced metrics, data and analytics, leaders can instantly calculate benefits and budgets, roll them up and visualise them in s-curves. Quarterly targets achieved bottom-up can be compared to top-down target achievement using advanced analytic features to monitor and manage goal alignment gaps.

Strategic alignment

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Working collaboratively towards a shared vision and goal is essential in any business. We developed a unique set of features that ensures a collaborative and aligned workforce to avoid the silo-effect plaguing many organisations.

Leaders can connect the organisation behind the strategy, create a sense of transparency and ensure accountability. Scientrix has the unique ability to detect potential misalignment by monitoring progress to goal, bottom-up and top-down.

Strategic agility

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Effective and consistent execution is what will ultimately make or break a strategy. Achieve the desired outcomes by planning and managing work, keeping the bigger picture in mind and being flexible enough to pivot when necessary.

Our advanced integration capability can streamline work and avoid duplication. Detailed execution and strategy link in an easy to understand way, and programs, projects and objectives can be created and managed using agile or traditional work methods.

Consolidate everything in one source of truth

Scientrix integrates with your organisation’s tool landscape.

  • Build in hours, not months
  • Works for simple & complex use cases
  • No deployment, no devops

Experience our library of 750+ pre-built plug & play Enterprise applications and next-generation web applications.