Scientrix is an end-to-end solution

Combining flexible strategy design, agile execution and sophisticated data and analytics makes Scientrix the most complete enterprise ready solution in the market.


Performance cells

Data & analytics



Create, visualize and share grids

Grids represent the different models / programs in the organization. Grids are governed by teams and consist of performance cells.

Grids create an overview and allow a deep dive from higher to lower levels.

Connect elements to indicate relationships

In Scientrix, everything is connected, and the grid serves as a place where connections can be made.

Elements can be loosely or tightly connected depending on the relationships between them. Grids can also connect to each other to form layers.

Review performance. Celebrate progress

Regularly review the performance of the elements within a grid by setting review dates in it, and celebrating where significant progress has been made.


Performance Cells

The elements in a Matrix-Grid are called performance cells. These elements represent value creation points.

Within an element a team comes together to define goals, to initiate ideas and manage them through stages, to establish and track success metrics, to identify and mitigate risks and add supporting information such as definitions, notes, documents and more.

Kanban Boards
List Views
Calendar Views

Manage initiatives

Transition from traditional project management to agile work methods to accommodate different users’ project management preferences.

Manage tasks

Breakdown initiatives into smaller pieces of work and manage day to day operations from personal dashboards.

Mitigate risks and issue

Managing risks forms part of any strategic effort, which is why identifying, analyzing, scoring and mitigating risks is part and parcel of every element.

Flexibly create reports

Filter using multiple criteria, sort and order by relevance, select columns, export or print reports.

  • Simple to advanced column selection
  • Multiple filter criteria
  • Meta-tagging of concepts
  • Export PDFs

Data & Analytics

Manage metrics

Create metrics in a matter of minutes. Visualize and export graphs with ease. Define and roll up custom calculations and templates

Custom Formulas
Data Import & Export

Build custom graphs

Create and share comparative graphs using available metrics without the involvement of IT.

Easily import and export key artifacts to libraries

Easily upload users, KPIs, initiatives and other standard information artifacts into Scientrix using CSV (Excel) and other file formats, significantly reducing set-up time and speeding up value creation.

Dynamic integration using Scientrix’ RESTful API

Scientrix provides a very broad web services application interface (API) based on the REST standard, which can be integrated with existing applications in line with your application integration strategy.


Single tenant architecture

Each customer gets their own server and URL, with hosting either in the Hetzner data centres or via Amazon AWS.

Full encryption

All communication with the Scientrix application and database is encrypted using SSL/TLS standards, and at AES 128-bit.

Single sign-on

Scientrix can be configured for single sign-on and Active Directory authentication using the SAML2 standard.

Regular penetration testing

We conduct regular penetration testing on our application, focusing on the OWASP Top10 security risks and any other relevant security.