Make data driven choices over the strategic landscape

A unique way to map and analyze landscapes and manage an always-on-strategy

Be it your competitors, clients, products, channels, talent, we make it easy to get an overview of a fast-changing landscape

Create the landscape and its components
Embed data and analytics
Filter, question and draw insights
Map and share the strategy

Adaptive strategy is the search for opportunities in a dancing landscape

A landscape is a bird’s eye view of the granular components of the strategic relevant parts of an organisation such as its clients, products, channels, talent, capabilities, suppliers, distributors etc

In a fast-paced world, the dynamics within these landscapes are changing all the time and the typical aggregated view in management reports averages out these granular dynamics and thus does not create an urgency to act when needed.

What is landscape theory?

Strategy is the choices leaders make to succeed in strategic landscapes

Strategy without insights from data is like steering with a candle in the dark.

To optimise value creation, leaders pose questions over the landscape and make choices on aspirations, where to play, how to win, which capabilities to build and how to govern the landscape.

Strategy should be always on and should be adapted fast as we learn. This learning should be shared with the organisation to course correct faster.

Real-time execution feedback is critical for adaptive strategy

Closing the loop between strategy, execution and impact is critical to continuously assess the organisation’s strategic assumptions and execution capabilities

Bringing strategy and execution closer together will drive strategy as an on-going practice and shorten the feedback and reaction time to changes in the landscapes.

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