Make it easier to manage your area of responsibility

Map, align and track progress to goals.

Map OKRs effortlessly

Instantly create, share or assign yearly or quarterly goals using our unique matrixgrid.

Align OKRs in the team

Organize OKRs in whichever way works for you – at an organizational, departmental, team, and individual level.

Govern with ease

Set review dates, notifications and ensure that governance is embedded across teams.

Link metrics to goals

Create and link metrics to goals. Update metrics by importing and exporting data from external sources or using CSV files.

Link actions to goals

Define actions and stage in a Kanban. Use either waterfall or agile way of managing actions. Mitigate risks and issues by linking them to relevant actions.

This is one of the most brilliant methods of aligning and communicating large organisations’ goal.

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Additional Benefits

Manage tasks through stages

Monitor and mitigate risks and issues

Create consolidated dashboards with data and analytics

Secure and enterprise ready platform with single sign-on

Easy integration with existing systems

Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities

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