Make Strategy a Dynamic, Always-on Process

Written by Rentia Muell.

Strategic Analysis

In essence, strategic analysis enables a uniformed understanding of changes that are happening externally – outside the organisation and aligning to these changes internally – within the organisation. This enables a deeper understanding of the opportunities and threats these changes bring to the organisation. The overall purpose of strategic analysis is to enable organisations to deploy or redeploy its resources more intelligently.

Scientrix provides the following crucial benefits for successful strategic analysis:

  • Organize industry research across segments, product lines and regions in a matrix.
  • Integrate traditional mind tools leveraging the matrix.
  • Capture and integrate data & analytics required for rich analysis.
  • Enable enterprise wide participation in the strategic analysis.
  • Contextualize your operating model to possible future scenarios using the matrix.

These rich, dynamic, and collaborative benefits of the first phase of enterprise strategy management create a rigorous understanding of the impact that the strategy will have on the organisation. Aligning and analysing the internal and external dimensions of the organisation creates true strategic value.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of defining: a common purpose, their strategic ambitions and borders, their value proposition to clients, their operating model and strategic programs. This is also the phase where decisions are made about execution priorities and the allocation of resources.

Scientrix provides the following crucial benefits for successful strategic planning:

  • Align the operating model to the strategic ambitions in a matrix.
  • Granulate the strategy to a level of precise and focused initiatives.
  • Identify and track strategic programs through to completion.
  • Design rich client value propositions.
  • Leverage collaborative technology to enrich the strategy.

These benefits of Scientrix enable the organization to work together on the strategy and see it through to successful execution.

Execution Planning

Execution planning is defined as cascading the strategy across the organization. Additionally, it is about understanding people’s contributions, concretising initiatives and establishing measures. This will enable the strategy to be anchored in individual performance agreements.

Scientrix provides the following crucial benefits for successful execution planning:

  • Cascade the strategy with speed and quality.
  • Concretise initiatives through initiative dashboards.
  • Create Key Performance Indicators in seconds.
  • Integrate initiatives and Key Performance Indicators into performance contracts.

Strategy execution fails when employee and team performance is not aligned to organisational performance. These benefits will enable employees across the organisation to be engaged, allowing for successful strategy execution.

Strategic Governance

Strategic governance is concerned with execution monitoring. This consists of creating an effective governance system that ensures the strategy is executed effectively. This pace-layered governance model operates at 3 levels: making sure the strategy is still relevant, sufficient good ideas are prioritised and lastly that the execution is happening.

Scientrix provides the following crucial benefits for successful governance execution:

  • Apply different styles of governance over initiatives.
  • Seamlessly enable the update of KPI and initiative dashboards.
  • Visualize the performance trends overtime.
  • Align and integrate performance tracking with employee contracts.
  • Understand the level of innovation created in the organization.

Without an effective governance model, strategy execution remains a pain point.

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