Manage lean portfolios and scale agile

Make a seamless link from portfolios to actions

  • Get a holistic overview of the portfolio
  • Layer Kanban boards on multiple levels
  • Gain transparency into the status of work on all levels
  • Visualize and track metrics in dashboards
  • Avoid unexpected obstacles with dependencies
  • Manage and mitigate risks and issues

Layer multiple Kanban boards

The Kanban within a Kanban logic allows the seamless connections from portfolio to tasks and the staging of work.

Configure Kanban boards

Flexibly configure Kanban boards to represent different stages.

Prioritise with Points

Assign business relevance points to define priorities and rank actions accordingly.

Monitor execution health

Use filters and analytics to monitor the status progress and health of the action portfolio.

Mitigate risks and issues

Visualize risks and issues and track mitigating actions.

Flexibly create reports

Filter using multiple criteria, sort and order by relevance, select columns, export or print reports.

  • Simple to advanced column selection
  • Multiple filter criteria
  • Meta-tagging of concepts
  • Export PDFs

Our clients

Medium to large enterprises have trusted Scientrix to bring clarity to their worlds and to get things done more effectively and efficiently.

Additional Benefits

Manage tasks through stages

Monitor and mitigate risks and issues

Create consolidated dashboards with data and analytics

Secure and enterprise ready platform with single sign-on

Easy integration with existing systems

Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities

Why Scientrix is considered a leader in portfolio management

Realize your program benefits faster

Eliminate duplications

Avoid large scale re-organization

Consolidate your tool landscape

Increase management productivity

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