A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK® Guide)

Purpose of the BIZBOK® Guide

A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK® Guide) provides an industry standard framework for business architecture practitioners and individuals who wish to use business architecture to address business challenges. This practical guide comes in the form of best practices, gleaned from numerous companies and business architecture leaders. Practitioners of business architecture understand the importance of having a comprehensive yet user-friendly handbook for the growing number of organizations embracing this important discipline.
The BIZBOK® Guide benefits organizations at every stage of the business architecture practice. The focus on practitioners is geared at advancing organizations that have already committed at least some resources toward business architecture. Organizations just getting started can use it as a means to establish a foundation for a solid business architecture practice. For those organizations with an established business architecture practice, it enables deployment teams to solidify best practices while incorporating aspects of business architecture that may have been underemphasized in the past.
The BIZBOK® Guide also provides a complete picture of business architecture, tying together various concepts, disciplines, principles, and best practices into an overall framework. In addition, it has the capacity to incorporate and leverage a wide range of business practices and emerging disciplines. As a result, it establishes the standard for building, deploying, and leveraging business architecture within an organization. The BIZBOK® Guide is practitioner-driven, representing a collective and growing body of contributions from business architecture practitioners across a variety of industries worldwide.

Click here to download the full article: https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.businessarchitectureguild.org/resource/resmgr/BIZBOK_6_5/BIZBOK_Guide_v6.5_Part1.pdf

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