Portfolio Landscape Management:

Reinventing the business

Through portfolio landscape management, we empower our clients to manage their strategic assets more effectively, make informed decisions on where to invest their resources and how to win, minimize risks, increase resilience, and achieve their long-term aspirations with confidence. It is an ideal way to build a platform business

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Portfolio landscape management (PLM) is a holistic approach to overseeing and optimizing a collection of strategic asset portfolios.

By managing these portfolios in one place, PLM enables organizations to make better choices, minimize risk, and identify opportunities for synergies and efficiencies across different portfolios. This results in improved operational effectiveness, cost-efficiencies, and ultimately, better performance. PLM is important because the interplay between portfolios can have a significant impact on an organization’s outcomes, and by optimizing these portfolios, organizations can achieve greater resilience and competitiveness in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Overcome the challenge of complexity and dysconnectivity. Become more adaptive

One of the greatest challenges that our solution helps clients overcome is the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the business environment. Disconnected asset portfolios, complex structures, and siloed management can impede swift change and hinder organizations’ ability to understand the implications of changes.

By leveraging portfolio landscape management, we help organizations to manage their portfolios in a more integrated and coordinated manner, providing greater visibility into the interdependencies and impacts of changes across different portfolios. This enables organizations to respond more quickly and effectively to changes in the business environment, and achieve greater resilience and competitiveness.

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Our team of experts brings unparalleled knowledge and experience, while our customisable, easy-to-use technology platform provides real-time insights and informed decision-making.

With efficient processes, seamless integration, top-level security, and expertise in data management, trust Scientrix to enhance your capability to help manage your strategic assets for improved returns.

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Explore more features

1. Portfolio Mapping

Map assets across portfolios in a single view, providing a comprehensive and clear understanding of the organization’s strategic assets.

2. Portfolio Value

Evaluate assets and roll up and display the overall value and key metrics of the portfolio. Track value over time. This feature enables effective before and after evaluation of portfolio management decisions.

3. Portfolio Analysis

Bring together data and analytics from multiple sources through powerful integration. Leverage attributes and evaluation data in heatmaps to identify patterns and trends across assets.

4. Portfolio Risk & Resilience

Employ risk, resilience, data accuracy and failure models to reduce the overall risk score and improve the degree of resilience across the portfolio.

5. Portfolio Strategy

Map and track strategies and goals for assets as well as for the portfolio, providing a clear line of sight between objectives, key results and actions.

6. Portfolio OKRs

Monitor projects – both in a traditional project management way or in a Kanbans and close the loop between action and impact.

7. Portfolio Projects

Incorporating accounting notes and standards is an important aspect of strategic asset management as it ensures that financial information is accurate and consistent. This allows businesses to make informed decisions based on reliable financial data.

8. Portfolio Monitoring

Our software is designed to be boardroom ready, providing clear and concise insights to support strategic decision making. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to generate customized reports tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

9. Portfolio Interplay

Enables businesses to make connections and understand the interplay between assets across different portfolios. This is critical to understanding the impact when making decisions and optimizing returns.

10. Portfolio Collaboration

We use a matrix approach to ensure collaboration across portfolios and to ensure that different portfolios reinforce each other, enabling businesses to optimize their strategic assets for improved returns.

What can you expect

Unlock the Power of Portfolio Landscape Management

6 Key Benefits to Boost Your Organization’s Success

Increased Strategic Alignment

A clearer understanding of assets and goals leads to informed strategic decisions.

Improved Asset Utilisation

Optimal utilisation of assets leads to improved value and performance, reducing waste and inefficiency.

Increased Competitiveness

Effective resource allocation and aligned initiatives enhance competitiveness and drive advantage.

Better Risk Management

Identification and management of potential risks enhances overall resiliency and reduces adverse impact.

Better Decision-Making

Clear asset information enables informed resource allocation and initiative prioritisation.

Improved Collaboration

Improved communication and collaboration leads to better outcomes.

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