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Adaptive Advantage: Winning Strategies for Uncertain Times

by Martin Reeves  (Author), Michael S. Deimler (Author)

Sustainable competitive advantage no longer arises exclusively from position, scale, and the ability to produce and deliver an offering. Advantage today is far less durable than it was in the past—and leadership more transitory. Read more

The Dynamics of Strategy: Mastering Strategic Landscapes of the Firm

by Duncan A. Robertson  (Author), Adrián A. Caldart (Author)

The Dynamics of Strategy draws on theoretical perspectives that enable readers to describe and understand the dynamics of the firm’s competitive landscape, the dynamics of the organizational landscape, and the interdependencies between these landscapes. Read more

How Adaptive Strategy Is Adapting

By Dana O’Donovan, Gabriel Kasper, & Nicole L. Dubbs 

New developments from the disciplines of innovation, data science, and implementation management are teaching us that good strategy isn’t just about setting your destination and path, it’s also about how you execute and adjust over time. Read more

Adaptability: The New Competitive Advantage

By Martin Reeves and Mike Deimler

We live in an era of risk and instability. Globalization, new technologies, and greater transparency have combined to upend the business environment and give many CEOs a deep sense of unease. Just look at the numbers. Read more

Lead Through Volatility with Adaptive Strategy

By Gartner with contribution by Jackie Wiles

Craft an adaptive business strategy with these core practices and building blocks to speed your organization’s response to opportunities and threats and build resilience. Read more

Future of Strategy: Martin Reeves examines the need for adaptive strategy

By Boston Consulting Group

BCG’s Martin Reeves discusses the importance of adaptive strategy in today’s environment and looks at the ways that companies can develop new types of strategies. Watch Now

Adaptive strategy and design

By Karoliina Pentti, OP Financial Group & Jaakko Luomaranta, Solita

The theme of the event was “Resiliency Bootcamp” and we asked: are you building customer value, strategies and data capabilities that enable business to adapt to surprising market changes? Watch the event recording and discover how our clients have succeeded. Watch Now

The Explainer: Balancing Execution and Adaptation

By Harvard Business Review

Most organizations only focus on execution or adaptation. But both are important for success. Watch Now

Using Adaptive Strategy to Better Navigate Uncertain Times

Retail Innovation Week

Everyone at this moment is dealing with uncertainty. Our core ideas of stability and resilience are being tested in unprecedented ways. It’s not clear if the societal changes that have come on so fast during this pandemic will result in any long-term changes in consumer behavior. Watch Now