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Modular Operating Models

The DNA of future operating models

by Brand Connect

Ask most digitally native companies about their operating model and you will likely get a short answer. Their brevity speaks volumes. Rather than following yesterday’s rules and structures, these nimble competitive beasts create an operating model laser-focused on their vision and desired outcomes. They keep things simple. Read more

Move fast to thrive – intelligent operating model as a competitive advantage

By Accenture strategy

Today’s operating models are better suited for a time when the major competitive strategies were focused primarily on either scale or local responsiveness. The conventional wisdom: Companies couldn’t do both. Read more

Modular operating model for strategic agility

By Renierbotha LTD

A modular operating model enables agility in business operations with a design that can respond to change by defining standard building blocks and how to dynamically combine them. Modular blocks (with the specific operational complexity contained) simplifies managing complexity. Read more

From Business Model to Business Modelling: Modularity and Manipulation

By Paolo Aversa and Steefan Haeflinger

The concept of modularity has gained considerable traction in technology studies as a way to conceive, describe, and innovate complex systems, such as product design or organizational structures. Download PDF