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The Dynamics of Strategy: Mastering Strategic Landscapes of the Firm

by Duncan A. Robertson  (Author), Adrián A. Caldart (Author)

The Dynamics of Strategy draws on theoretical perspectives that enable readers to describe and understand the dynamics of the firm’s competitive landscape, the dynamics of the organizational landscape, and the interdependencies between these landscapes. Read more

Adaptability: The New Competitive Advantage

By Martin Reeves and Mike Deimler

We live in an era of risk and instability. Globalization, new technologies, and greater transparency have combined to upend the business environment and give many CEOs a deep sense of unease. Just look at the numbers. Read more

Effective leaders need a bird’s eye view

By Manfred Muell

Whether you’re a CEO, president, general manager or managing executive, your ability to consistently maintain a comprehensive view of the organization you’re leading is crucial. It’s this bird’s-eye view that will enable you to effectively direct, guide and facilitate what’s needed to successfully strengthen and grow the business. Read more

Scientrix: From Enterprise to Ecosystem Architecture

By Scientrix

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