How to enable leaders to see sooner and respond earlier

Hear from an amazing lineup of guest speakers from globally recognized institutions and organizations, joining us over the course of 6 separate events to share their knowledge, experience and outlook on how to enable leaders to see things sooner in order to respond earlier.

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From* 13 OCT ’22 | 17:00 CAT

*See program for individual speaker’s event dates.

Insights from global

Industry Leaders

What it’s about

How to enable leaders to see things sooner in order to respond earlier

Join us from the 13th of October, where we’ll explore the development and successful execution of adaptive strategies. Organisations need to be more responsive than ever to the rapidly changing world, and learning how to adapt with speed is no longer an option—it’s a requirement.

We will explore topics such as horizon scanning, unmet needs of clients, landscape portfolios, OKRs and how to leverage technology to enable transformation. You’ll walk away with an in-depth understanding of:

  • How to rapidly detect shifts
  • How to respond to those shifts
  • And how to move everyone in the same direction

Expert opinions from our

Distinguished Speakers

13 OCT ’22

Prof. Tomi Laamanen

Professor of Strategic Management
20 OCT ’22

Marc Dimke

Director | Strategy Transformation
27 OCT ’22

Alison Jacobson

Founder of The Field Institute
03 NOV ’22

Rentia Muell

Founder & co-CEO of Scientrix
10 NOV ’22

Werner Grundling

Managing Director of NextGenOpX Africa
17 NOV ’22

Manfred Muell

Co-CEO of Scientrix

What to expect

Event Program

DAY 1 – 13th October / 17:00 CAT

Speaker: Prof. Tomi Laamanen

Topic: Adaptive strategy in theory

DAY 2 – 20th October / 17:00 CAT

Speaker: Marc Dimke

Topic: Market trends – why are organizations becoming more adaptive?

DAY 3 – 27th October / 17:00 CAT

Speaker: Alison Jacobson

Topic: OKRs and the strategy alignment matrix

DAY 4 – 3rd November / 17:00 CAT

Speaker: Rentia Muell

Topic: Why portfolio landscapes will be the way companies are led in the future

DAY 5 – 10th November / 17:00 CAT

Speaker: Werner Grundling

Topic: Enterprise project portfolio management

DAY 6 – 17th November / 17:00 CAT

Speaker: Manfred Muell

Topic: Digital tools available on the market to enable adaptive strategies

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From* 13 OCT ’22 | 17:00 CAT

*See program for individual speaker’s event dates.

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