Strategy Management in Mining

How Scientrix can bring you into the digital age

The mining industry is inherently unpredictable, containing many variables that constantly push and tug at the organisation’s goals and desired outcomes. With so many aspects to manage, conventional strategy tools or simple spreadsheets have proved ineffective in managing an industry that changes daily and has many complex operations.

We are in the digital age. It is imperative that companies adapt and use this transformation to their advantage. After all, if better equipment emerges that could help you mine better and faster, mining companies would jump at the opportunity to get their hands on it. Having the right digital equipment to manage your company more efficiently should be no different.

Scientrix’s adaptive end-to-end strategy management platform can eliminate a siloed approach and help improve alignment, productivity and margins through digital transformation. We help miners make smarter choices sooner and overcome industry challenges.

Suppose you are responsible for managing equipment, teams, schedules, targets and resources while focusing on an ever-changing environment and all the restrictions that come with operating in that environment. In that case, it is easy to lose sight of critical sore spots in your strategy. 

The biggest concern with highly varied companies is a lack of transparency across operations and a lack of interconnectivity between all departments. An advanced and agile digital tool such as ours can help you better manage all aspects without wasting capital, mismanaging resources and missing out on potential future investments.

Mining in the digital age means that projects can be coordinated and well-planned. Organisations can better monitor productivity, mitigate potential risks and ensure better profit margins. When teams can observe changes in real-time, they can make immediate adjustments to keep operations on the right course, hit agreed targets and ensure cohesion between the overall strategy and day-to-day operations.

So how can we help mining organisations transform digitally and better manage their strategy?

  • We align organisations’ vision, objectives, performance and future business ambitions while identifying potential gaps and risks in their strategy so they can focus on prioritising actions that will add the most value.
  • We assist miners in making data-driven decisions and allow for real-time reporting, helping reduce risk while ensuring efficiency across the board.
  • Our software makes collaboration easier. Leaders can track progress by defining metrics and target values to measure goal achievement at different organisational levels. Everyone can engage more freely and stay committed when they understand their role and contributions.
  • In the rapidly-changing environment of the complex mining industry, when the unexpected happens, even the best-laid plans become useless if they cannot adapt. With Scientrix, your strategy becomes a flexible organism that adapts as the environments change. 

We can help you implement our software quickly and facilitate the training of all users so the transition is seamless. Are you interested in digitally transforming your organisation to improve your strategic management and achieve your goals? Contact us today!

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