A Corporate and Investment Bank

About the company

This global bank based in Africa needed our platform to help design and execute their exponential corporate strategy.

The Challenge

The bank’s inspirational CEO wanted to drive strategy and become an exponential organization, but there was a lack of a shared purpose from the executives in terms of the direction of the bank’s future. Cross-functional collaboration was limited, leading to duplication of work that caused constraints in time and resources. Because the organization was pulling in different directions, they needed a clear strategy with one view that could be clearly articulated across Africa.

Technology Application

A team of consultants used the platform to support key stakeholders by driving the exponential strategy within the bank. All colleagues were provided with access to the strategy in order to boost engagement and strategic identification. The strategy division was able to streamline initiatives and KPIs, which provided a necessary clean up of all measurable objectives relating to the new strategy.

The Solution

Depicting the bank’s existing strategy in the matrix revealed clear gaps in thinking. Exco therefore held a session to reshape the matrix architecture, defining a much improved exponential strategy, and then communicating and executing this in one digital view.

Using Scientrix empowered the company itself to evolve their digital strategy, with minimal support from external consulting partners. It also improved cross-functional collaboration and boosted the digital aptitude and maturity through digital products.


An Automotive Company

Together with Deloitte Consulting, Scientrix was implemented to help this automotive company define and execute their IT strategy across all regions.


A Pharmaceutical Company

The PMO chose Scientrix to document their strategies and to monitor and track the progress of their underlying initiatives.