A Global Automotive Company

About the company

The IT division of a global, complex automotive firm needed help defining and executing their IT strategy across all regions.

The Challenge

Tracking whether strategic goals were being implemented was not being done because there was inconsistency in the granularity of each strategic action. Goals were mostly interpreted individually by every employee, and there was a lack of transparency with these local initiatives. How various initiatives depended on each other and co-ordinated with others was also vague across divisions, due to a silo mentality.

Technology Application

We trained super users in key regions how to use our platform so they could design strategic contributions, streamline the initiative portfolio and begin training their colleagues.

The Solution

Using Scientrix, our client was able to align their IT strategy to their overall organizational strategy, developing strategic goals that were continuously monitored.

They designed and implemented a shared vision across all IT functions, brands and regions to facilitate transparent implementation.

They also use Scientrix as a reporting mechanism, and the client describes it as ‘the single source of truth’ for brand and regional performance.


A Pharmaceutical Company

The PMO chose Scientrix to document their strategies and to monitor and track the progress of their underlying initiatives.


A Corporate and Investment Bank

With the Scientrix platform, this corporate and investment bank was able to design and execute their exponential corporate strategy successfully.