A Global Pharmaceutical Company

About the company

The Project Management Office (PMO) of this German pharmaceutical company implemented Scientrix to document their strategies, as well as to monitor and track the progress of their underlying initiatives.

The Challenge

The company was experiencing low revenue growth and the threat of more aggressive competitors. They hired a leading strategy firm to develop a global Market-Leadership program (MLP) which was documented using Powerpoint and Excel. However this led to significant inconsistencies, plus ongoing reporting issues. The organization’s structure was also extremely complex across regions, functions, products and customer segments, with many holding competing views. Plus, the accounting system being used was product and region focused, with unclear accountability for achieving MLP targets.

Technology Application

The PMO used our platform to document their structure and to track the progress of the underlying initiatives. Maintenance of the initiatives was decentralized and became the responsibility of clearly defined initiative owners, who had to ensure that all information was up to date in time for quarterly Steering Committee meetings. All information had to be reported using the Matrix platform; no separate PPT presentations were allowed.

The Solution

Our platform helped them design an adequate strategy architecture and get a holistic overview of the global MLP.

It also clarified accountabilities with Regional and Customer Segments, allowing them to implement a stringent governance and reporting process to ensure effective tracking of initiatives and driving execution.


An Automotive Company

Together with Deloitte Consulting, Scientrix was implemented to help this automotive company define and execute their IT strategy across all regions.


A Corporate and Investment Bank

With the Scientrix platform, this corporate and investment bank was able to design and execute their exponential corporate strategy successfully.