What is End-To-End Strategy Management?

Much uncertainty exists around guiding a strategy from design and development to effective implementation and delivery. Organisations often experience a disconnect between ambition and execution.

Although many strategy management tools exist, they are limited to specific steps in the process—addressing strategic activities, goals or KPIs in isolation which causes confusion and an inability to overview the strategy as a whole and take the steps needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

By not consolidating all aspects of strategy management, organisations generally face a decrease in strategy relevance over time, reduced employee engagement, and success becomes highly unlikely.

This partition of processes creates misalignment between an organisation’s strategy, its systems, and its people. The solution is simple: bring all strategy-related activities into a single functional platform!

What makes Scientrix different?

End-to-end strategy management! It encompasses the entire strategic process in one platform—from design to implementation to evaluation—so that you can make informed, data-driven decisions about the progress of your strategy. It allows you to design and manage your own strategy journey and keeps the connections between everything.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Scientrix connects all the steps in the strategising process and provides real-time feedback, so you can move at 10x the speed and keep up with the fast-paced world. End-to-end strategy management focuses on the following key factors:

1. Strategy Analysis

The first step to effective strategy development is understanding the environment and the issues and trends that are emerging. Our platform provides the space for strategic analysis, research, and scenario planning.

2. Strategy Design

Strategy is about setting ambitions and choosing where to play, how to win and what capabilities to build. In Scientrix, we enable you to outline the playing fields, leverage data and analytics to inform where to focus in these playfields and map the initiatives that will allow your organisation to win.

3. Strategy Alignment

Strategy planning is not linear, and optimising strategic alignment is a critically important and ongoing challenge. In a rapidly-changing business environment, the best strategies can falter if they are too rigid. It is essential that we engage employees in the organisation’s strategic vision. With Scientrix, everyone will understand their expectations and how everything fits together. Leaders can define OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to connect the organisation behind the strategy, create a sense of transparency, ensure accountability and detect potential misalignment by monitoring progress to goal. 

4. Strategy Delivery

An essential and sometimes neglected element of strategy development is translating these strategic plans into high-impact action plans that deliver on future aspirations. Organisations often struggle with project portfolio management because they lack the necessary integrated tools to visualise, implement, track, evaluate and adjust their strategy and project portfolio as the environment and markets change. Our platform allows you to be flexible, adaptable and stay relevant over time.

5. Strategy Governance

At the delivery and governance stage of strategy management, the focus is on competence. It is vital to establish evaluation criteria for the design, development and delivery process as early as possible so that reporting can occur at each stage, not only during implementation. Our governance framework with scheduled reminders, change notifications, regular reviews and user activity dashboards will guarantee successful strategy deployment and employee engagement.

So what is end-to-end strategy management, and how will it help you?

Strategy management, in all its complexity, is a challenging but necessary task in any organisation. It requires input from all corners of the organisation to achieve a competitive advantage, higher productivity and better profitability. 

An end-to-end strategy management platform like Scientrix eliminates the uncertainty, aligns your organisation and allows you to make your strategy a living, growing and evolving organism. 

Set up a session with us so we can tell you more about our platform and what it can do for you!

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