Why Scientrix?

Scientrix enables leaders to orchestrate a multi-dimensional strategy

Very few – if any – frameworks for strategy or strategy tools consider more than 2 dimensions. Yet executives today need to orchestrate a multi-dimensional landscape (e.g. customer segments, products, channels, geographies, functions, processes, etc.) which actually have correlations and interdependencies with each other.

Through its nested matrix architecture Scientrix enables leaders to map and connect multiple landscapes and to bring them together in a simple, well-orchestrated and visual way.

Strategic Orchestration

Strategy Governance

Scientrix makes strategy a practice and enables the governance of that strategy

In most organization strategy still is treated as an annual event and documented and filed away in a PowerPoint presentation. Teams are always in search of the latest version of the strategy and it is difficult to sustain the link from strategy to action.

Scientrix allows the organization to open the strategy in a controlled way and make it accessible to people from one single source. This enables teams to align their contributions always to the latest version of the strategy. With quarterly goal-setting (OKRs) the organization constantly reflects on the goals and re-calibrates the direction where necessary.

Scientrix enables the business to adjust fast through modular operating models

Organizations these days typically have complex and static operating models which are very time-consuming and costly to change. Large cross-functional programs keep failing because line managers hold on to their best resources and are unwilling to share them in cross-functional efforts.

Scientrix specializes in the design of bi-modal modular operating models. The technology has been built to manage an ecosystem of performance cells which are flexibly configurable into different structures.

Modular architecture

Strategy alignment

Scientrix dramatically speeds up alignment across the business

To be adaptive means that the organization needs to align itself behind the strategy with speed. Whenever a new strategy is released teams need to be aligned to execute on this new strategy. Even if this alignment is taking place in the form of OKR (Objectives & Key Results) deployment it takes a substantial effort over an extended period of time.

With its unique alignment matrices Scientrix speeds up the alignment of teams and ensures that the teams stay align and share and collaborate. One of the key strengths of the Scientrix matrices and technology is that it breaks down silos.

Scientrix democratizes strategy and data in the organization

Whenever teams across the organization are looking for data they have to approach IT or deal with some complex BI-tool to get access to the data they require. Even worse, the data often resides in spreadsheets distributed on different servers or PCs.

One of the Scientrix platform’s strongest capabilities is the easy way it creates a data lake which makes data accessible and shareable within the broader ecosystem. Furthermore data can easily be rolled up into flexible structures.

Strategy & Data Democratisation

Strategic landscapes

Scientrix significantly reduces the time from question to insight

The existing lists or graphical displays of today’s BI-tools do not always provide the required insights. Aggregation levels average out the underlying data and do not create urgency to act (i.e. everything becomes “amber”). By the time leaders identify the need to act it is often too late.

The unique panoramic landscape views of granular performance cells allow an un-clouded bird’s eye view of what is happening at ground level. This highlights undesirable developments far earlier and allows for fast course-correction before problems become un-manageable. This bird’s eye view also helps to identify systemic initiatives affecting the health of larger portions of the landscape.

Scientrix creates real-time execution feedback for strategy

Organizations today face a proliferation of stand-alone, single-purpose execution tools which cannot provide a clear line-of-sight from the strategic intent to the detail of the execution progress. When a strategy fails, is it the wrong strategy, the wrong interpretation (i.e. initiatives) or simple a bad execution of the initiatives? To understand this is critical for the fast definition of the right remedial actions.

Scientrix seamlessly provides the connection between strategy, execution and impact through layered grids and kanban boards down to task level and it also can integrate with existing execution tools.

Execution Feedback

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