Airbus Case Study

Who is Airbus?

Airbus is at the forefront of the international aerospace sector. They create, build and deliver industry-leading commercial aircraft, helicopters, military transports, satellites and launch vehicles. They additionally supply data services, navigation, secure communications, urban mobility and other resolutions for customers on a global scale.

Amidst their forward-looking strategy based on cutting-edge technologies and digital and scientific excellence, they strive for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.

The Challenge

Airbus Southern Africa began utilising our software in 2016. They transitioned their management reporting from the traditional PowerPoint and Excel software, which manually ran their Exco meetings.

Once shifting over to Scientrix, they decided to focus on defining their overarching strategic objectives for the mid-term and then set a main theme every year to achieve their objectives.

The Solution

With Scientrix, Airbus created a strategy map for the year. Together we were able to resolve the following:

  1. Define overall strategic objectives
  2. Break these down into yearly goals
  3. Define the expected contributions to the aforementioned goals for each department
  4. Lastly, clearly define and assign responsibilities for the various contributions

Why Scientrix?

With our software, Airbus Southern Africa was able to identify where they are prospering and where they are not.

Our platform allows them to see essential information to track progress in reaching their objectives and yearly theme. They can track their success metrics and their progress monthly.

Their Key Objectives:

  • Be a value-driven organisation
  • Be the industry benchmark for safety and compliance
  • Focus on customer service
  • Be the market leader in Africa
  • Be a performance-driven team
  • Be the face of Airbus in Southern Africa

They defined their overarching strategic objectives, and then developed a main theme for the year to implement these objectives.

Management coordination made easier

Our software helped them align team roles with objectives and key results using a matrix to map out their theme for the year, allowing flexible ways to ensure organisational alignment.

Airbus was also able to use a matrix to align their teams to their objectives, improve team OKRs (objectives and key results), and drive accountability.

Each matrix comprises performance cells that include team purpose, goals, progress metrics, data & analytics, initiatives, risks, and other attributes—all adding to the seamless achievement of their overarching strategic objectives.

Real-time progress tracking

Our software equipped Airbus to:

  • Map OKRs effortlessly
  • Align OKRs in the team
  • Govern with ease
  • Link metrics to goals
  • Link actions to goals

Airbus set review dates and notifications and embedded governance across all teams. They were also able to mitigate risks and issues by linking them to relevant actions.

Seamless link from objective setting to actions

Airbus was able to set its objectives and then visualise the progress of each team or individual’s responsibilities and how they are performing.

This afforded them transparency into the progress status on all levels, allowed them to visualise and track metrics in dashboards, and helped them manage and mitigate risks and issues.

Adapting software to their needs

Airbus found further ways to adopt our software within their organisation and extract even more value. They used Scientrix to optimise the efficiency of projects, define actions and monitor progress.

In the finance department, the head of finance realised that he could use our platform to manage his month-end and year-end closure process. All activities and responsibilities required to close were listed and assigned to the necessary individuals.

They also used our software to track order completion. Airbus defined each order as an initiative in Scientrix and then broke down the order completion into milestones with due dates and deliverables—each ticked off as the order progressed through the manufacturing process. The transparency of departmental progress allowed management to manage dependencies and course-correct early on when they detected problems.

Using our platform, Airbus Southern Africa ensured that they met their overarching key objectives within the appropriate levels of their organisation.


Airbus was serious about creating a strategy map based on their overarching objectives for the year. Our software allowed them to set a yearly theme to achieve their chosen objectives and carry it down into the appropriate levels of their organisation. With the help of Scientrix, they can now seamlessly achieve their goals.

Over and above that, we also helped create higher efficiency in other areas of concern. Our team of experts successfully assisted Airbus in making sense of their strategic landscapes, crafting their strategies, developing their objectives and key results and agile scaling within their organisation.