Scientrix Services

Empowering Strategy, Enabling resilience

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Service 1:

Strategy Rooms

Our innovative ‘strategy rooms’ concept is designed to streamline and enhance the strategic management process.

Our service centers around setting up ‘strategy rooms’ within a collaborative platform designed to optimize strategic management. We enable the flow of conversation within these rooms through specialized training, effective processes, innovative tools, and AI integration.

Our approach helps scale these strategic conversations, managing change effectively across your organization. Additionally, we provide ongoing support through market research, AI prompting, data integration, and comprehensive reporting. This ensures that your strategic initiatives are continuously informed, supported, and aligned with the latest market trends and data insights.

1. Set up of the strategy rooms

Step 1.

Set up the strategy rooms.

Step 2.

Get consensus on strategy topics.

Step 3.

Agree on teams assigned to room and align calendars.

Step 4.

Train the facilitators.

Step 5.

Activate AI in the rooms and data integration.

Step 6.

Monitor engagement and quality in the rooms.

2. Enable conversation Flow in the rooms

3. Scale and provide ongoing support

Leadership & Facilitator training

Facilitation through access to a network of consultants

Reporting Automation & Support

AI Prompting and Training

Market and Other Research

System & Data Integration

Effective Change Management

Service 2:

Leadership Training

Our Leadership Development Program on Adaptive Strategy and Execution Management combines theoretical insights with practical applications. Customized for each organization, these sessions transform strategic planning into a dynamic, actionable process. Participants learn to navigate complexity with agility and ease