Award Winning Strategy Platform

Empower adaptive strategy and execution management with a unified platform that not only brings together a robust selection of tools for end-to-end strategy management but also strengthens collaboration and creates meaningful connections across various strategic conversations.

Master strategy conversations and execution management like never before.

Strategy Secured and Protected

In today’s dynamic business landscape, Scientrix offers a comprehensive array of robust security features to safeguard strategic initiatives. From streamlined single sign-on to fortified penetration security, our platform ensures the protection of sensitive data. Multifactor authentication and advanced encryption protocols provide additional layers of security, while continuous monitoring detects and responds to threats promptly. Role-based access control and audit trails offer precise permission management and accountability. With Scientrix, rest assured your strategic assets are protected, enabling confident execution and competitive advantage preservation.

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Integration Master Minded

Our differentiation lies in our masterful integration capabilities, which provide a significant advantage over other platforms. At Scientrix, integration is seamlessly executed on multiple levels. Firstly, we integrate the strategic landscape, offering a holistic view that encompasses all relevant aspects. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate various tools into one cohesive conversation, streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration. Moreover, our platform excels at integrating and pulling data from diverse sources, ensuring comprehensive and accurate insights.

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Collaboration Accelerated

Enhancing Collaboration: Our platform is designed to supercharge teamwork and decision-making with an array of interactive features. From real-time polling and quizzes for engaging participants to dynamic breakout rooms for focused discussions, we offer tools that empower collaboration. With robust content sharing options like presentations, videos, and seamless screen sharing capabilities, sharing knowledge is effortless. Our persistent virtual rooms and customizable interfaces ensure an adaptable environment suited to your strategic requirements.

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Options Generated with Matrix AI

Our approach integrates AI to ensure optimal leverage of all connections within the strategy landscape, facilitating faster decision-making. By employing AI algorithms, we streamline the process of generating options and ideas, empowering individuals to explore a broader range of possibilities. This not only accelerates decision-making but also enhances the depth and quality of strategic considerations. With AI as a strategic ally, teams can navigate complex landscapes more effectively, maximizing impact and achieving their objectives efficiently.

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Conversation Cadence Coordinated

In an era where change is the only constant, maintaining a dynamic strategic cadence is vital. The Scientrix platform is designed to embed the rituals of adaptive strategy into the fabric of your organization. Our tools facilitate the scheduling, establishment, and management of regular strategic conversations, ensuring that responsiveness is built into your operational rhythm. Whether it’s for client needs, making pivotal choices, setting OKRs, or managing portfolios, our platform ensures that these crucial discussions happen with the right frequency, fostering a culture of agility and informed decision-making.

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Conversations Empowered

The Scientrix platform is the maestro of integration, orchestrating a cohesive strategy architecture. We harmonize disparate strategic concepts and standalone tools such as Miro,OKRs or PowerPoint presentations, into a singular, fluid system of sophisticated thought. Our seamless data integration extends to vital platforms like BI and JIRA, assimilating and synchronizing information effortlessly. In essence, Scientrix has ingeniously unified a fragmented solution landscape into one comprehensive approach, ensuring that your strategy is not just connected, but masterfully interwoven.

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Conversations Tracked and Stored

At Scientix, meticulous planning is integral to each conversation within our virtual rooms. We ensure that every discussion is thoughtfully organized and outcome-focused, with defined objectives and tracked outcomes. The complete history of conversations is stored for easy reference, facilitating continuity and alignment with strategic goals. Through a single view, stakeholders can monitor the status of discussions, enabling effective management and decision-making. Leveraging AI capabilities, we actively track engagement levels to ensure all participants contribute meaningfully, while facilitating effective facilitation for maximum collaboration and value creation.

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Strategy Reporting Streamlined

Scientrix revolutionizes reporting by transforming traditional, bulky reports into microbits of insights. We understand that conventional reporting is not only costly and time-consuming but also challenging to absorb due to diminishing attention spans. Out platform simplifies this process, distilling information into concise, actionable insights that can be shared swiftly across conversations. This approach keeps management informed and prepared without the burden of sifting through extensive reports. With Scientrix, reporting becomes a tool for agile decision-making, ensuring that insights are rapidly disseminated and easily digestible.

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Overview of Strategic Choices

Scientrix excels at enabling leaders to map and manage the diverse portfolio of choices that drive organizational success. Be it channels, products, regions, or digital tools, our platform provides the structure to visualize and align these strategic assets. We integrate the management of these choices with OKRs, projects, risks, and business intelligence insights, allowing for a holistic view that ensures each decision aligns with overarching goals. Our approach to portfolio management guarantees that strategic choices are not made in isolation but are part of a concerted effort to steer the organization towards its desired future.

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Strategic Decisions Improved

Scientrix empowers organizations to infuse their strategic choices with data, transforming them into a comprehensive data landscape. Our powerful heat map capability illuminates patterns, highlights diversification in portfolios, pinpoints risk areas, and tracks the evolution of performance, both positive and negative. We provide advanced filtering attributes that sort choices into a clear decision grid, thereby guiding leaders in their course of action. This feature not only clarifies decision-making but also ensures that choices are grounded in data.

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OKRs Deployed and Managed

Scientrix leverages OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a pivotal tool for tracking and managing the strategic landscape. Our OKR matrix ensures alignment across the organization, while our causal trees visually depict the relationships between outcomes across layers. Designed for ease of use, our platform simplifies the complexities of strategic planning. The addition of Kanban boards aids in the tracking of associated actions, providing a clear, organized view of progress towards each objective.

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Portfolios Evolved and Managed

Scientrix offers a comprehensive suite of features for portfolio management, including customizable Kanban boards, detailed project assessments, feasibility studies, and S-Curve roll-ups. Automated approval workflows, project roadmaps, and alignment with strategy enhance governance and decision-making. Prioritization mechanisms and rich dashboards optimize resource allocation and performance tracking. Our integration with Jira streamlines collaboration and workflow management, ensuring a cohesive portfolio management experience

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Connections made Across Teams

We believe that the true power lies in managing the ‘strings’ that connect the various components of strategy from conception to realization. Our platform doesn’t just allow you to identify these strings; it empowers you to manage them actively. This means that the flow of ideas, decisions, and actions across conversations can be orchestrated, ensuring that the entire company moves in harmony towards common goals.

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Connections Visualized Through Trees

Uncover the intricate web of dependencies among your strategies and initiatives through intuitive visualizations. Seamlessly track relationships and interconnections between various elements, enabling proactive management of dependencies. By visualizing these dependencies, gain the foresight to mitigate risks, optimize resource allocation, and ensure smoother execution.

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Customized to work for your organisation

Scientrix acknowledges the uniqueness of every company and customizes solutions to fit diverse business environments. Our platform offers a modular, plug-and-play approach that respects and utilizes the client’s existing systems.

We emphasize using what is already in place, phasing in new features as the organization evolves and matures. Our goal is to support clients in establishing an integrated strategic environment that aligns with their specific needs and pace of growth.

This tailored approach ensures that Scientrix not only complements but also enhances the strategic framework within which a company operates.

The content displayed above is currently in development and will be available in Scientrix in July 2024.