JD Group Case Study

Who is JD Group?

JD Group is a South African-based company that provides mass-market customers with the means to create a comfortable lifestyle through its group of diversified retail brands and support functions.

Their brands—such as HifiCorp, Incredible Connection and Everyshop—focus on furniture, household appliances, technology goods, and other home products. They believe consumers should live the way they deserve, and they aim to transform homes and enrich the lives of Africans.

The Challenge

Until they switched to Scientrix, JD Group used standard project management software, which caused a lack of cohesion between their day-to-day activities and the overall company strategy. Their teams were misaligned, and their focus was not on delivering value.

“My advice to businesses that are grappling with strategic processes and strategic alignment is to adopt an OKR strategy in your business and process. And I certainly think that Scientrix is built very much around facilitating that in a smart way.” ~ Craig Lodge, CEO of JD Tech


The Solution

With our end-to-end strategy management software, JD Group improved collaboration and ownership of projects and initiatives.

They can now embed OKR principles into the organisation practically and efficiently, create alignment throughout all departments, and clearly define and assign responsibilities for various contributions.

Ensure Collaboration

JD Group wanted to bring their Exco team together collaboratively, have each member understand their contribution to the company’s overall strategy and get the entire team behind the key focus areas and initiatives. With Scientrix, they can now effectively communicate their overall strategy and ensure transparency, accountability and engagement.

Combat Misalignment

Our unique set of features allows JD Group’s multi-division company to form an aligned workforce and to detect potential misalignment by monitoring progress to goal. They can easily manage how each division and each team work together towards executing their overall strategy.

Meet Objectives

The matrix alignment approach shifted JD Group’s focus to OKRs and associated initiatives that support those OKRs. The team can now deliver high-value outcomes and complete projects faster than ever before.


JD Group integrated Scientrix into all departments so that the whole company could benefit equally from the platform. Their favourite feature is our simple Matrixgrid that allows their leaders to overview the entire business on a page. They were impressed with our flexibility and ability to adapt to any business.

Onboarding was simple and included system training to integrate Scientrix fully into the overall company OKRs and KPIs. The entire team can now understand the overall company strategy and ensure excellent team participation and co-creation of the objectives, results and outputs.