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Scientrix Advisory

Our experienced team of consultants has successfully assisted small to large organisations worldwide in making sense of their strategic landscapes, crafting their strategies, developing their objectives and key results, and agile scaling.

Our Areas of expertise:

  • Landscape design
  • Strategic Choices
  • Objectives and Key Results
  • Modular operating models
  • Scaled agile
  • Integrated Reporting

Scientrix Change Management

Introducing new technology is often met with resistance, and onboarding can take a long time to achieve. Over time, we have onboarded thousands of users and have a tried-and-true method for quick and successful implementation.

Services include:

  • Remote or on-site training
  • Role-based training
  • Super-user training
  • Rollout strategy design
  • Coaching / Onboarding

Scientrix Data Management

The only way to make informed decisions is to have the latest data at your disposal. Our data scientists provide the additional service of defining your data strategy and integrating and maintaining your data.

We do this by working closely with the relevant teams to ensure that the best quality data is available and updated, always maintaining strict confidentiality and security protocols.

We partnered with—an integration & workflow automation platform that enables you to connect any IT Application at enterprise scale using a beautiful no-code visual builder.

Connect to almost any app or service

Automate every process

Select live or scheduled integrations

Choose where to start

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“The Scientrix Matrix has given us clarity on how to execute and operationalise on strategy and who the different role players are.

Scientrix is a brilliant tool that can be used for any problem – no matter how complex.”

Bess Skosana
– ABSA Group

“The Scientrix Matrix has enabled us to create a coherent understanding of the scope of our system. We were able to converge our ‘language’ and apply the tacit knowledge in everyone’s heads to open creative spaces. This helped us to arrive at innovative solutions.”

Warren Hero
– Chief Technology Officer – Microsoft

“The Scientrix Matrix enabled our team to focus on the key deliverables pertinent to the strategic objectives of the organization. The team began to understand key dependencies from various streams of work and the importance of aligning initiatives and focusing on high impact activities.”

Azia Nuxumalo
– Group Manager Talent & Change – Sun International