Emmen Case Study

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Who is Emmen?

Emmen is a Swiss municipality with 31 500 inhabitants that, thanks to industrial expansion in the 20th century, became the second largest town in Central Switzerland in terms of population. The Emmen municipal council provides the strategic framework for the future development of Emmen. The municipal administration is the service provider for its citizens and implements the strategy. Together they ensure the enhancement of Emmen’s places to ensure their longevity for future generations.

The world is constantly changing, which challenges them as an administration, municipality and employer to leave familiar paths and go new ways. With the Municipal Strategy 2033 and the Programme 2022-2025, the municipality of Emmen is tackling legislative goals with courage, cooperation and pioneering spirit, defining interdisciplinary solutions and creating something new together.

The Challenge

Before using Scientrix, Emmen did not have a common platform for strategic management. The individual directorates had their own applications, which led to an inconsistent direction and a lack of overview of goals and measures at the strategic level. Emmen needed an application that could provide a complete, up-to-date overview of the entire organisation in real-time.

The Solution

With our strategy management software, Emmen now has a holistic and transparent overview of all objectives. They can lead effectively based on up-to-date data, focus on execution and support cross-departmental collaboration and participation. Their favourite features of Scientrix include the compelling visualisation capabilities, our new streamlined navigation system and the ability to visualise complex relationships easily, making them tangible.

Organisational Alignment

Scientrix provided the municipality of Emmen with a holistic bird’s eye view of all departments to optimally align their activities and projects and execute their strategy. The implementation of our system made it possible to visualise the contributions of each department to the overall picture to strengthen collaboration and successfully meet challenges. They can now better manage how individual departments can work together to implement and seamlessly achieve their overarching strategic goals.

Employee Engagement

Our platform benefits the entire organisation by improving employee engagement across all hierarchies. It helps Emmen get their teams behind critical focus areas and enables employees to understand their expectations and work towards a shared vision and purpose. Scientrix shows how the efforts of each member can make a difference in the development and well-being of Emmen.

Real-time Data

One of Emmen’s most significant challenges has been the need for higher quality, real-time data to lead more effectively and focus on implementation. Our platform allows them to visualise implementation status easily and quickly identify problem areas so they can make fact-based corrections and decisions early on.

Appropriate Solutions

Emmen required more than a standard programme. They needed a solution that could be adapted to their specific needs. Scientrix assisted Emmen throughout the entire process, from selection to implementation. Not only in the configuration and use of our application but also the development of management processes. We supported them through virtual meetings and delivered system training videos tailored to the different application areas to minimise the learning curve.


“Scientrix stands out for its simplicity, good visualisation options and adaptability to specific needs.” ~ Municipality of Emmen

With the help of Scientrix, the Municipality of Emmen can ensure excellent team participation, achieve its strategic goals, create a unified direction among all departments, ensure communication among each other, improve efficiency and seamlessly achieve its goal of developing Emmen.