Deloitte Case Study

Who is Deloitte?

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited is an Anglo-American multinational professional services network, usually referred to as Deloitte. They are one of the Big Four accounting organisations and the largest professional services network in the world based on revenue and quantity of professionals. They are worldwide, but their headquarters are in London, England. William Welch Deloitte founded Deloitte in London in 1845 and has since expanded globally.

Deloitte renders services in audit & assurance, risk advisory, tax advice, financial advisory and consulting for organisations from all sections of the economy and have a global system of member companies and affiliated companies in more than 150 countries. Deloitte couples outstanding expertise with first-class services and assists clients in solving their complex business challenges. Making an impact that matters is a shared mission statement, and an individual requirement, for more than 330,000 Deloitte employees.

The Challenge

Deloitte Germany needed something to manage their strategy execution and transformation projects. It was one thing defining a strategy, but what was especially important was executing it and bridging that gap with something more than just standard PowerPoints.

Using PowerPoint slides and siloed applications led to misalignment and the inability to track execution. Deloitte Germany was looking for an innovative, scalable and digital all-in-one tool to manage complex programs and transformations across the globe.

The Solution

Deloitte Germany needed a tool that provided ease of use but could also deal with high-level complexity, both internally and in customer projects. Scientrix had just the solution for them.

Why Scientrix?

Deloitte Germany implemented the Scientrix software to assist in managing their strategy execution and numerous customer projects. Our software provided them with an overall architecture for them and their clients to define their strategy, strategy framework, vision, objectives, KPIs, and much more.

Leaders and team members on all levels can now work efficiently by utilising our software.

Scientrix enabled Deloitte Germany with:

  • Better consistency and repeatability
  • Highest level of scalability
  • Less reliance on manual effort
  • Greater speed and ROI
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Enhanced data security
  • Simplified and secured access via SSO, hosted at Deloitte AI

Taking Each Other To New Heights.

Scientrix and Deloitte Germany have formed an official global alliance for more than a decade. The strategic partnership was initiated and endorsed by Fabian Marckstadt, Partner and Offering Lead ‘Strategic Transformation’. Since then, we have successfully implemented Scientrix into large multinational and local organisations, such as Volkswagen, Siemens, Bayer, and Barclays Africa. The unique combination of Scientrix’s intuitive platform and Deloitte Germany’s comprehensive strategy and transformation experience has made for a powerful combination, delivering tangible benefits to clients.

In 2020, as part of our growing partnership and alliance with Deloitte Germany, we were the first external vendor invited to appear at Deloitte AI—the storefront for provisioning market-ready assets on a global scale. Over 330,000 employees access Deloitte AI, where they can deploy software solutions within two minutes of accessing the platform.

Scientrix can now be used by all member firms whilst taking advantage of the highest level of security and speed in modern cloud infrastructure—enabling Deloitte Germany to scale its asset-based consulting business worldwide.

By producing intellectual property, and with the assistance of an asset like Scientrix, a consulting firm such as Deloitte Germany can re-use the information across several client engagements—aiding them in achieving both scale and scope economies. In short, Asset-Based Consulting, also referred to as ABC, is a method of consulting in which services and the affiliated Intellectual Property are the main assets in the offer.

Cascading Through Departments

When the partnership began, Deloitte Germany focused the Scientrix implementation on the finance perspective—this showcased the versatility of our software because we provide not only strategy programmes but also portfolio management, financial transformations, and the list goes on. Scientrix’s offering is much more than simply a strategy tool.

How Scientrix Has Helped Deloitte Germany’s Clients

Our software became part of Deloitte Germany’s toolkit when working with clients to facilitate execution concerning transformation strategy. With our software, Deloitte Germany can provide this service to different types of clients and manage their programs efficiently. They have provided their clients with a better solution as the software is a one-size-fits-all tool that assists management at a strategic level. Because they are a strategy transformation firm, implementing Scientrix’s offering was a no-brainer.

Deloitte Germany has been able to help their clients successfully plan, execute and monitor their end-to-end transformations. Scientrix may be an external software solution, but it is hosted at Deloitte AI and sold as a key part of their offering as the Deloitte Transformation Platform. Scientrix’s software is an incremental part of Deloitte Germany’s Transformation offering to their clients and within the organisation itself.