EWSETA Case Study

Who is EWSETA?

EWSETA is the Energy & Water Sector Education Training Authority, a skills development authority that serves the energy and water sectors. They are one of South Africa’s 21 SETAs and were established in terms of Section 9 of the Skills Development Act (SDA), 97 of 1998, as amended and reports to the Honourable Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

Their vision is to use skills to create a sustainable tomorrow, today.
Their mission is to achieve this by:

  • Researching to determine the skills in demand.
  • Facilitating and coordinating skills development programmes to respond to sectoral challenges.
  • Driving excellence through quality assurance.
  • Fostering an ecosystem in energy and water that creates inclusive economic development.

The Challenge

The EWSETA board of directors needed a management system to monitor their employees’ performance accurately.

They found that, with no system in place, both employee and consequence management are impossible and open to subjective views.

The Solution

Scientrix provided EWSETA with the ability to align its strategy with employee performance. They have been using Scientrix software since 2014 and are adopting it to their organisation constantly.

Why Scientrix?

When the CEO of EWSETA discovered that we could provide his organisation with an employee performance management system and an array of other services, it was a no-brainer to acquire our services and software.

Real-time employee performance tracking

Our software equipped EWSETA to:

  • Map employee performance effortlessly
  • Align employee performance within the team
  • Govern employee performance with ease
  • Link employee performance to targets

With the help of Scientrix, EWSETA is now able to ensure that its employee performance is managed correctly throughout the levels of its organisation. They were also able to implement our software throughout their organisation with ease.

Overcoming challenges seamlessly

Scientrix has aligned the system’s setup with EWSETA’s HR policies so that consequential management or rejection of evaluations aligns with their policies. HRC (human resource council) is now able to monitor employee performance.

Cost-effective and efficient

EWSETA found that the cost implications of utilising software like SAP or Oracle are over 10x more expensive in comparison. Our software is also consistent and transparent—one of their favourite features.

Goals easily achieved

By implementing Scientrix’s software, EWSETA could finally implement an employee performance management system that accurately monitors employees’ performance. Because of this, they could emphasise more focused contracts. Another benefit they have found with this implementation is improved productivity and delivery.

Adapting software to their needs

EWSETA found our software easy to use, seamless to integrate into their organisation and identified other ways to adapt it to their needs. Initially, they focused on the software’s ability to align strategy with performance. Then they adjusted the software to make it more integrative and interactive with employees on all levels.

Employee transparency

Employees receive a score out of 5 based on their performance. Different departments are broken down and can be scored individually and against each other, encouraging people to achieve a specific score to receive their bonus. Transparency is created throughout all levels because if the scores do not correlate, they can identify this and investigate it. It is also advantageous to the unions, as they can see transparent scoring seamlessly throughout EWSETA and enable fairness on all levels of the organisation.

Prerequisite based scoring

The system bases employee scoring on the level of performance. Scientrix has enabled them to create a platform where employees need to have a portfolio of evidence for scoring. Employees can upload proof of targets achieved to the software and receive a score accordingly. The system is clear cut, and people score fairly and transparently based on facts. They would only earn a particular score if they ticked all the boxes required for that score, and their KPI description states what to do to achieve that score.

Organisational alignment

Scientrix helped EWSETA align team performance based on key results using a matrix to map out their targets and achieve them. Through this, teams can achieve their targets and a subsequent score. They can also see how their fellow team members scored to provide proof of fairness. Scientrix helped EWSETA eradicate the falsification and subjectivity of scoring to create a transparent and fair working environment.

EWSETA was also able to utilise a matrix to align their strategy with employee performance, thereby improving the quality of team OKRs (objectives and key results), which then drives accountability.