Grow Revenues by Mastering the Interplay Between Portfolios

In today’s interconnected business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to drive revenue growth. One approach that has proven incredibly effective is managing the business as interconnected portfolios. At the heart of this concept lies the ability to link various portfolios – market, product, channel, and capability – in creative and meaningful ways.

Imagine an organization as a complex matrix where various portfolios, each with their distinct components, intersect and interact. Understanding these interactions is crucial. The more granular we get within each portfolio, the more potential opportunities we uncover. It’s like peering into a kaleidoscope – each small shift or turn can present a new perspective, a new pattern, and a new opportunity.

Now, it’s common for companies to have individual strategies over each portfolio. These strategies are crucial for managing the specific components effectively. However, the true power lies in the intersection of these strategies. When the strategies over these portfolios are aligned and work in harmony, the potential for growth is amplified significantly.

Consider, for example, your product portfolio. By breaking it down into individual components and examining the performance of each, you might identify underperforming products that have potential for growth. Now, consider the market portfolio. What markets are currently untapped, and which of these could be a good fit for your underperforming products?

Further, consider the channel portfolio. Are there new or underutilized channels that could be employed to reach these markets? Finally, look at the capability portfolio. What capabilities can be leveraged or developed to maximize the effectiveness of these channels, enhance the performance of the products, and appeal to the identified markets?

By aligning the strategies over these portfolios and exploiting the intersections, your organization is effectively harnessing the power of portfolio management to identify and exploit growth opportunities. This approach offers a systemic, holistic perspective that goes beyond the usual siloed approach. It enables organizations to get a complete view of their operations, market, and resources, enabling them to make strategic decisions that drive revenue growth.

Mastering the interconnections between portfolios isn’t just about identifying growth opportunities. It’s about building an adaptable, resilient organization that’s capable of navigating the ever-changing business landscape. By embracing this perspective, your organization is not just poised for growth – it’s ready for the future.

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