Adaptive Project Portfolio Management

Scientrix provides a boardroom-ready overview of your project portfolio and enables you to drive better decision-making, align projects with your strategic direction, optimally leverage available resources, take informed risks and establish synergies between all your projects.

Do the right projects, at the right time. Successfully

We know that strategic portfolio management can take time. We have simplified the process by providing the technology and space where you can manage your overall portfolio, rigorously prioritise your project pipeline and focus on delivering business value.

Pattern Visualization and Analytics

Our platform lets you easily visualise patterns midstream that may impact a particular project in the portfolio downstream and leverage focused insights and grid analytics to evaluate your portfolio, so you can make smart decisions and achieve the proper balance of strategic and financial value.

See Scientrix in action and how you can manage your Project Portfolio, successfully


Demand Management and Project Prioritisation

Prioritise and execute value-delivering projects by actively monitoring budgets, forecasts and risk/reward analysis of current and potential projects.

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Align projects with goals

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Meaningfully drive change through an overview of all projects and where they contribute to strategy. Establish your overall ambition with a balanced set of tangible strategic objectives and key results.

Build effective intake processes

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Identify potential projects, use valuation criteria to determine if they’re worth executing, roadmap ideas into the future and filter to see what comes next.

Calculate financial value

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Know where you are and where you are going. We have embedded data, analytics, and OKRs in the project portfolio system, so you can determine if expenditure correlates with impact and decide whether projects are worthwhile.

Define your degrees of change

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Identify and prioritise change requests based on strategy, capacity planning, demand, and financial and operational constraints. Scientrix allows you to flexibly see the degree of change, where the change is, and what it will do for your business.

Advanced Data and Analytics

Leaders can instantly calculate benefits and budgets, roll them up and visualise them in s-curves. Quarterly targets achieved bottom-up can be compared to top-down target achievement, using advanced features to monitor and manage goal alignment gaps.

Resource Management

People are often either overloaded or underutilised. Continuously optimise the allocation, prioritisation and scheduling of resources across many projects. Know which people are available, which have capacity and when members at total capacity will become available again.

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Balance resource availability

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Know what pool of resources you have available and how much capacity they have to generate projects. Allocate resources, identify incorrect allocations and resolve conflicts to improve efficiency.

Understand core competencies

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Maximise resource utilisation by allocating the most qualified employees for specific projects, identify skills shortages in your portfolio and determine slippage risk based on people’s strengths in their projects.

Visualise effort expenditure

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Use our colour-coded system to determine when a project is off track, visualise your projects’ capacity utilisation, and catch lowered productivity early on.

Work together

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Seamlessly track the history of shared documents, observe changes between versions and keep everyone on the same page to ensure a collaborative workforce.

Portfolio Alignment

Focus on what you want to achieve and ensure that projects are aligned to deliver impact. Compare all aspects of your portfolio in one place and use filters to interpret the story of the portfolio, where you have to focus, and what you need to do to lead your company on the right path.

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Manage risks effectively

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Identify and proactively manage project risks, implement the necessary measures to prevent or mitigate uncertainty within the project portfolio, and weigh risks against rewards.

Reduce effort

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Integrate with other systems, import data, avoid delays with our coordination capabilities and circumvent constructing time-consuming presentations to visualise the story of your portfolio.

Make data-driven decisions

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We use metrics and real-time analytic tools to provide dynamic reports, so you can track progress and maximise portfolio performance. Know whether projects are making an impact, where they contribute, and hold people accountable for outcomes.

Form connections between dependencies

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Knowing which projects depend on each other is essential to portfolio health. Scientrix has brilliantly mastered making connections between complex thoughts by linking through dependencies. We understand relationships from top down to bottom up.

Key Features

Interpret the portfolio through colouring and visualisation so that you can truly understand where your business portfolios stand.

Put objectives and key results behind projects and goals.

Quick prioritisation and efficient management of tasks.

Embed your data in analytics to measure impact.

Overview the value, progress, risks, and actions that accelerate the overall portfolio.

Progress visualisation through Kanbans with backlog, to-do, busy doing and done.

Align your projects with company objectives to make data-led strategic choices.

Real-time data collection and contextual insights.

Seamless integrations with other systems.

Exceptional security to protect your strategic data.

Quick and powerful integration

Leverage the power of smart integration

  • Build in hours, not months
  • Works for simple & complex use cases
  • No deployment, no devops

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