Portfolio Management: Managing Strategic Assets for Higher Value


Portfolio Management (PM) is a dynamic process that facilitates informed decision-making about the allocation and optimization of strategic assets, including but not limited to projects. This broad-reaching discipline provides organizations with a comprehensive view of their resources, aligning them with strategic objectives, managing risks, and maximizing value.


Portfolio Management originated in the field of finance, where it was primarily used to manage investment portfolios and balance the risks and rewards. However, it has since expanded and evolved into a strategic framework for managing all kinds of assets – from projects and programs to human resources, technology, and other tangible and intangible resources.

The Essence of Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management involves strategic decisions about allocating and optimizing the organization’s assets to deliver maximum value. Key activities include:

Asset Identification: Recognizing and categorizing the organization’s strategic assets, including projects, people, technologies, and intellectual property.

Asset Evaluation and Prioritization: Assessing and ranking assets based on their alignment with strategic objectives, potential return, risk level, and other relevant factors.

Portfolio Balancing: Aligning and adjusting the mix of assets to ensure a balance between risk and return, immediate and long-term gains, and strategic alignment.

Portfolio Oversight: Monitoring the performance of assets, managing risks, and making necessary adjustments to optimize portfolio performance.

The Power of Portfolio Management

The power of Portfolio Management lies in its ability to align all strategic assets, including projects, with business objectives. It helps organizations prioritize and focus resources on high-value activities, offering improved visibility, control, and value delivery. Portfolio Management enables organizations to proactively manage risks, respond to changes, and maintain a balanced portfolio that drives strategic success.


Portfolio Management serves as a pivotal tool for organizations aiming to optimize the strategic use of their assets. By aligning assets with business objectives, balancing risk and reward, and ensuring effective oversight, Portfolio Management drives informed decision-making and paves the way for organizational success.

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